Copy of Our History

We have witnessed the worst possible thing. On a quiet boulevard with very few cars were a motorist and a cyclist. At first glance, it was an ordinary cyclist just enjoying the fresh air outside. The driver of the car, on the other hand, was an "everyman" who drove to work, and fully complied with the rules of the road.

The bicycle and the car were both on the right side of the boulevard. The cyclist realized that there was an obstacle in his path and that it was difficult to get around it, so he decided to move to the left side of the road. Meanwhile, the driver was following the bend.

As the cyclist was about to change lanes, tragedy struck: the car hit the bike head-on.

What happened? The cyclist had not checked his blind spot? He slipped off his bike? None of that, but the car did crash into the cyclist.

This one had only looked over his shoulder for a second, forgetting that at any moment a car can come out of a bend.

Even though he used to always check his blind spots, he unfortunately came across the event that day which shows that checking his blind spots is not enough.

The cyclist's family is forever devastated, and the driver of the car is left traumatized.

Game Over

An incredible story, moving... but false.

None of that happened (thankfully), but let me tell you why.

The cyclist in question had a mirror attached to his left handlebar. Even as he was about to turn, he kept his eyes on it, and as soon as he saw the front of the car in his rear-view mirror, he pulled over to the side and stopped. He was then able to change lanes to the left and continue his day as if nothing had happened.

It is to avoid situations like this that we do our best to raise awareness among as many people as possible.

All it takes is one accessory to save our life or that of someone close to us.